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We love music and we know how to make it work for you. We have a high-end recording environment and 2 decades of experience in writing to picture. We've worked in all genres of TV, written film-scores and a string of commercials. Check out some of our work and give us a shout to get some great music on your next production.


We have two compact studios loaded with State of the Art  soft and harware solutions for recording, mixing and production. We are approachable and work with you to get your ideas realised quickly  and in excellent quality.


If you need songs and live performances, we can deliver.
With years of song-writing experience including lyrics, and a host of talented musicians and vocalists at our disposal we make living music with longevity.


We are good communicators!
Deciding what music you need to support your production can be tricky. We will work together with you to find the right style, sounds, and dynamic narrative to help tell your story more effectively.


12 Colston Yard

rob or
Rob - 07968 126732
Dan -07971136199   


I really enjoyed working with you  (I think you were the only sane bit about that job), and was really impressed with your work.
Steve White, Producer/Editor

We worked with Bunkersonix (music composers) to create the  score.  They gave us solo instrument tracks for the music so we could have complete flexibility of the sound design as we edited picture!  They were amazing!  For those of us who enjoy editing music, it was a dream!
US lead editor for Discovery - Jo Shilling

In 1994 we started working together when we joined Bristol band The Federation, recording 3 albums for Mowax and Indochina, and touring in the UK, Europe, Canada, California and Japan. We have also played as session musicians with bands such as Massive Attack, The Blue Aeroplanes, Invisible Pair of Hands and were key members of The Mighty Ging and Lense Head. After building our first studio we began writing for picture in 1997. Since then we have written, played and produced music for a host of TV programmes and commercials on all Terrestrial UK channels, Discovery and Nat Geo receiving RTS nominations and a Broadcast Award. 

Our work spans across all genres, notable examples are the current Chelsea Flower Show theme, Bear Grylls Man Vs Wild, Deadly 60 and the popular children’s series Andy’s Wild/Dinosaur/Prehistoric and now Aquatic Adventures. Our recent work involves writing for and co-producing 'Andy and the band' a 16 part series for CBBC/Cbeebies. In 2012 We bought and developed a building in Colston Yard in the centre of Bristol, with 2 bespoke recording studios and office space, which also houses Lucky G headquarters. Rob and Dan are co-directors with Giles Luckes.